List of topics to be covered by tuition

Digital cameras are everywhere from mobile phones, compacts, bridge cameras threough to digital SLRs. They come complete with many automatic or programme modes and a large number of abbreviations and terms — ISO, exposure, megapixels, ppi, dpi, snow scene, interpolation to name but a few of them.

Perhaps because of all these terms and automatic modes, many people find their operation confusing and are not always happy with the photos they get - how often have you seen images with only half a child or a pet in them? Or dull, grey and lifeless?

Since the advent of Covid-19, I have not run any of these courses and am unsure as to when it willbe deemed safe to doso inthe future.

Rather than be indoors in a group, I can organise tuition whilst out and about in Teesdale. With knowledge of what you wish to achieve, we can arrange suitably socially distant training. Such outings would be limited to a maximum of four people.

Contact me to discuss how I may be able to help. These days out are also available as a gift token.