Garden Owl Box

Tawny Owl in tree 

In April 2020 I placed a Twany Owl nest box with camera onto one of the garden trees and now, in Febraury 2021, Tawny Owls are starting to look into the box on regular occsions. One of them, possibly the female, literally falls into the box. The bottom of the box has been covered with an inch or so of wood chipping.

Which ver owl has gone in spends quite a bit of time scratching around as if making a nesting cavity (or else trying to get out the bottom of the box!) 

Click on the Owl to get a live view (and sound) of the nest box to see what is happening. As there is limited bandwidth, viewig is limited to 20 minutes before you have to reconnect.

Hopefully everything works but let me know of any issues.