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February 2021

Snow covered pond

2nd - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow - a couple of inches this time around.

Waterlogged garden

3rd - This new pond - following all the snow and rain - is where the snakeshead fritillaries should be appearing. Just as well they like it damp!

Tree Sparrow on Feeder Tree Sparrow

4th - Great to see the Tree Sparrows here again.

Greenfinch Greenfinch

5th - Another, now rare, visitor - a Greenfinch.

Grey Wagtail

8th - More visitors - this time a solitary Grey Wagtail - for a minute or so!

Flowers emering from the snow Daffoidils emerging through snow Heather covered in snow Snowdrops emerging through snow

8th - More snow and yet some of the plants are doing their best to show through - daffodils, heather and snowdrops.

Bluebells in snow Garlic in snow Snowdrops in flower with snow

8th - Bluebells, garlic and snowdrops in snow - with some looking happier than others.

Fish near a feeding ring

8th - Snow covered wood pile - wonder what is living in there? Nobody has told the fish it is cold and they should not be active.

Snow falling in garden Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon Song Thrush Song Thrush

9th - It is snowing again! Wood pigeon looking smart even before his daily bath. The Song Thrush also looking smart against the snow.

Starlings & Chaffinch Blackbird

9th - Nice to see starlings down feeding along with the chaffinches.

Grey Heron Grey Heron

9th - The Heron is back today - twice - fortunately it has not got past the net yet so may even have some fish left in the spring.

10th - As it was -6°C outside, no apologies for some snow shots. Bird bath totally frozen, plants braving the weather and the pond trying to disappear.

11th - Footprints in the snow - the size of the Grey Heron print is something else!

Snow covered buddleia Snow covered red berries Snowdrops in snow Snow covered hedge

11th - Nature is surviving at -5°C and it has warmed up by a degree.

Icicles on gutter Icicles on gutter Frozen water splashes Frozen water splashes Snow covered pond disappearing into garden

11th - Amazing patterns from icicles and where the water splashes around the pond - the later is getting covered by snow!

Song Thrush standing on ice Song Thrush in snow

13th - Early morning Song Thrush standing on ice and in the snow.

Frozen water sculpture Frozen water sculpture

13th - Still below freezing and frozen splashes make for interesting sculptures.

Grey Heron standing in snow near garden waterfall Grey Heron walking through deep snow

13th - The Grey Heron spent 20 minutes standing on the net over the frozen pond yesterday and was back today in the deep snow.

Ice build up from splaashes around a garden waterfall Ice build up around water spout

13th - Ice patterns around the moving water - where each drop seemed to freeze and cover in.

Grey Heron satnding on net over frozen pond Starling drinking water Starlings bathing in waterfall

13th - Poor Heron was back and making no impression on the frozen pond. The Starlings were drinking and turning it into a spa.

Wood Pigeon eating seed on snow. Collared Doves sitting in bare willow tree

13th - Wood Pigeon enjoying the exta seed while the Collared Doves sat it out in the willow.

Garden ponmd with partially frozen surface. Buds on a Leaping Salmon rose

16th - Snow has gone, temperature around 9°C and still ice on the surface of the pond. Hopefully the Leaping Salmon rose will not have suffered too much in the cold.

Crocus plants appearing through the bark mulch Snowdrops in flower Pink Helibore in flower

16th - Crocus appearing through the bark mulch while Snowdrops showing nicely. A first Helibore of the season - lovely.

Snowdrops in bloom Snowdrops in bloom White Crocus FLower Yellow Crocus Flower

21st - Too much rain to get out in garden but first nice day and the Snowdrops are blooming nicely and the first of the crocus have appeared - can spring be far away?

Unknown flower Wisteria bud Lords and Ladies Early Hawthorn buds

21st - Good to see that the Wisteria is still alive while the "Lords and Ladies" seem to have multiplied. Hawthorn starting to bud.