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January 2021

1st - Still ice in the garden to start the New Year.

1st - The globe thistles that thought it was a good idea to try blooming have been frozen out. The goat willow and the new climbing rose still have buds - hope they survive the cold.

2nd - Snow - snow - but not very much! At least 1 inch (or 2.5 cm for the metric types). Where has it all gone?

6th - A bit more snow and most of the big pond is still frozen - at least the waterfall keeps some open water for the birds to drink.

6th - And yet some greenery can be seen - although the primroses don't look quite so happy!

8th - Heron back again and walking over the top of the net. Must be frustrating see the fish below and not able to get at them.....

10th - Heron walking on ice before getting out to saunter over to fish pond. Blackbird enjoying some scattered seed.

13th - Robin enjoying seed on the ground whilst the wood pigeons behaviour leaves something to be desired at this time of year!

13th - Went to make a cup of tea and espied this jay in the garden. About the third record that I have seen - result!! (Glad I cleaned the windows a couple of weeks ago.....)

14th - Snow is finally here! At least the pond still has running water for the birds to drink and bathe in. There should be rhubarb keeping safe in the raised bed.

14th - Dublin Bay covered in snow whilst the new climbing rose must be feeling cool!

14th - The solar lamp is well covered with snow as are (or were) the bird feeders.

16th - Snow - deep and crisp and even - pond frozen except for where the waterfall is.

17th - Now +5°C, some 11°C warmer than 3 days ago - crazy weather. Snow melting and always think "half melted" snow looks awful! Bird bath available again.

17th - Primroses seem to have survived; snowdrops are emerging as are the bluebells and the garlic.

20th - Following all the rain am not sure where pond ends and grass starts.

21st - This pond in the grass is where the snakeshead fritillaries should appear soon. Never think it looks good when the snow has partially gone.

22nd - No snow but still cold enough to keep the surface frozen.

23rd - Snowdrops appearing under the front hedge.

24th - The moon during daylight - waxing towards the Wolf Moon.

27th - No snow, but cold enough to keep part of the pond frozen over.

27th - Buds on the goat willow; shoots on the climbing rose; lichens on the apple tree; apparently fresh growth of holly.

27th - Some of crocuses (croci?) appearing. Hopefully the garlic will protect the roses again this year. Bluebells and snowdrops amongst the leaf litter along with some colourful heather. All despite the cold.

28th - Awakened to wet snow - on the roses; footprints in the snow; patterns on the net to keep out the heron; the crocus wondering if it should appear; blackbird making a contrast.

Wolf moon

29th - Female Siskin on the feeders - nice to see one again. And later on that evening, the waning Wolf Moon - who heard them howling?

Male & Female Siskin on Feeder Male Siskin on Feeder

31st - The male Siskin has turned up - hope they stay around for a while.

Chaffinch Coal tit on feeder

31st - Chaffinch and Coal Tit

Wren Wren

31st - Wren exploring the delights of the conservatory gutters.