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October 2020

3rd - Did I mention it was a damp start to the month? Did not seem to affect the insatiable wood pigeons!

4th - Quite a bit of activity on the feeders despite the rain.....

4th - The clematis had grown so well it had got under the shed roof and cracked the edging - this has been replaced and now needs the clematis tying onto the trellis - hopefully this will support the weight. So much rain the pond is overflowing....

5th - Back for some more peanut butter - at least it is not raining at the moment!

9th - Fuschia still looking good and some berries for the birds. The leaves are starting to fall now - more raking to do!

9th - As for the roses, they don't seem to know the time of year - still budding!

9th - Funghi are doing nicely and the pond is overflowing again.

9th - Heather still in bloom and feeding insects. Nice to see a Red Admiral again.

9th - Still some apples high up that I cannot reach. A tiny splash of colour to brighten the day.

22nd - Fuschia still flowering nicely while the buddleia has decided it is time to grow again.....

22nd - Swept up a few leaves this afternoon - not many more to come down from these particular trees.

22nd - A few roses are still flowering nicely while the Bidens give a nice splash of colour. Still have some late flowering heather.

22nd - Anyone for funghi and windfalls?

27th - Dull, wet and inclement best describes the garden this morning! Started planting around the pergolas - wisteria and a climbing rose (Leaping Salmon) - to enjoy next year.

27th - The goat willows are looking established although one of them is behind the others. Definitely good for funghi!

27th - While the net over the pond keeps the heron out of the water, it does collect a lot of pine needles..... Splashes of colour from the plants even at this time of year.

29th - Heron back again staring intently into the pond before objecting to my presence and flying away!