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September 2020

4th - Always marvel at how the honeysuckle case peels back to reveal the "goodies". Blazing Fire living up to it's name - despite the weather! Even Borage in flower while Fellowship has a most magnificent display.

9th - Fuchsia is still doing well and to think I was disappointed with it's twig-like appearance earlier this year!

11th - Scything Day - John plying his trade and making short work of the "long grass" - with a bonus of some freshly sliced wind fallen apples!

12th - At last a Red Admiral enjoying the fallen fruits and staying still long enough to photograph!

12th - Plants starting to show signs of change - autumn is heralded.

17th - Wood pigeon basking on the grass and keeping a beady eye on me as I walked past some 4 feet away!

17th - Late splash of colour proving popular with the insects.

18th - Clematis flowering in mid September? Some windfalls for the birds and some in a basin for my apple pie......

18th - How do butterflies fly with such a part of the wing missing? More late colour and insects.

18th - Finally finished the pergolas - thanks to Stu who helped get the posts vertical! Now to find something to grow on them.......

19th - Great and Coal Tits on the feeder while the blackbird enjoys a windfall.

19th - Nice to see some other colours in the garden although should they all be flowering at this time of the year? Anyone for elder?

19th - Still some insects around.

21st - Dragonfly landed in apple tree as I was cutting grass - stayed long enough to get camera and take five shots.

27th - Amazed to see all this colour following the horrible weather we have had lately!

27th - Even the roses somehow manage to keep blooming.

27th - Cotoneaster and holly berries.