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August 2020

4th - Birds of a feather on the feeders!

4th - And the bees....

4th - Hosta detail and Gertrude Jekyll.

6th - Wood pigeons - yet again!

6th - A decent day for the bees for a change!

8th - Loosestrife and Teasel in good light.

8th - Squirrel eating cones and Jackdaw waiting to cause trouble..... while the Blue Tits forage amongst the apples. The Blackbird is enjoying the sun!

8th - Lords and Ladies now a lovely shade of red. Could have some elder berries later on.

8th - Life on the Buddleia.

9th - Still some apples waiting to become pies...... Aquilegia has nice new flower - so delicate.

9th - Finally seen the bugs appreciating the Globe Thistle - it is not as popular as I had hoped. Buddleia and lavender not starting to come into their own.

10th - Lilies opening and open. How intricate can flowers / nature get?

10th - No butterflies willing to pose so more insects!

11th - Still no butterflies .......... so more insects.....

14th - Native yellow lily that refuses to open flower when I have camera.... Purple loosestrife still showing well while globe thistles are appreciated.

16th - Woodpecker finishing off the peanut log...

17th - More insects on water mint, globe thistle and lavender.

23rd - Delighted to see that there still are some apples on my return from a few days away.

23rd - Lords & Ladies still colourfull while some fungi appearing in the undergrowth.

23rd - Still no butterflies - looks like a Woodpecker became a meal.

23rd - Fuschia doing rather nicely - must be enjoying all this rain.... Fellowship looking good despite the rain.

23rd - Heron has discovered there is relatively clear water in the pond again and dropped in twice today - fortunately without eating anything.... seen flying away here....

24th - Fence and netting to try and keep heron from snacking on fish. The heron now walks over the pond on the net...

24th - Wood chippings are breaking down nicely - wonder if you can eat these? Garden looking bedraggled following all the wind and rain.

26th - Heron keeps returning - here he flies off from the pond! A small native lily.

26th - Like the detail of the Globe Thistle. What was left of a wood pigeon, some insects enjoying what little dry weather we had, the apples could be getting there and finally a butterfly....

28th - Trip wires and netting around pond to deter heron - who now walks across the netting but can't enjoy the fish! A couple more shots as it stands around then flies away....

28th - The rain has certainly filled up the pond - along with the grass! The air quality must be okay to get this level of growth on the old apple tree.

29th - Despite the attentions of the Sparrowhawk, there are still wood pigeons and GS woodpeckers!

30th - Some pale heather and a newly "discovered" Lord & Lady which had been hiding in the long grass!

31st - Who does not like honeysuckle? Lovely evening aroma!

31st - Potential apple pies, Xmas decoration, elderberries and Swedish Whitebeam.

31st - It has been terrible weather for the insects but have managed to see a few around.

31st - Woodpigeon is keeping under cover while I appear to be growing my own funghi.

31st - Soon be time for the long grass to be cut down.