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July 2020

1st - The Hostas are flowering and looking good. How does a Hosta leaf repel the water so well?

1st - The Teasels - now over 6 foot tall - survived the recent wind even if they are now bent over and there is a hint of colour appearing on them. The Globe Thistles are still standing and should soon be nice and blue. The Fuchsia in the front is still alive - a month or two ago it resembled a bunch of twigs and came close to being recycled! Found the "purple iris" in the front hedge - may try to transplant for next year. The Buddleia are developing their flowers.

1st - The insects are enjoying the various plants.

3rd - It has taken a few years but finally seeing some flowers on Honeysuckle and the first aroma of Lavender.

4th - Still some apples on the trees - despite the wind. Borage is looking good.

5th - Blackbird giving the evil eye to my "spy cam"! Part of the pond feature disappeared and discovered that a cat - wearing a harness - had tried to walk across pond weed and fell in, knocking the stones into the deep end of the pond as it struggled to get out. See the video! Have now cleared out the pond weed!

8th - While on the subject of disasters, the wrens nest seems to have either fallen or been pulled off the shed.

10th - Interesting to see more blooms on the apple tree along with apples. The Hostas are flowering nicely.

10th - The Peace rose is finally flowering - seems slower this year although the recent winds have not helped. The leaves on the goat willow are looking good while the foxgloves are a delicate colour.

11th - The long grass has suffered from both the high winds and my son's dog who liked to make her den in it! The tall teasels are now bent and the mound is looking rather windswept. Amazingly the yellow loosestrife (and about to have some purple) is still standing.

11th - A wider view of the Hostas and the globe thistle is really getting blue.

11th - Spot the blackbird in the undergrowth.....

11th - The Fuschia is proving to still be alive and the first bits of red are starting to show along with the first splash of colour on the buddleia - roll on the butterflies!

12th - Still some colour in the garden despite the previous winds! Enjoying this honeysuckle as it is the first time it has flowered - lovely aroma. Only one of the Lords and Ladies has fruited.

12th - Pond and mound looking a little windswept - pleased that some of the lilies survived. And yes, sometimes the lawn has stripes.....

12th - Great to see insects still finding something to attract them to the garden!

17th - A quick glimpse of a Ringlet during a break in the horrible weather.

18th - Surprised to see a couple of new blooms on the Clematis - thought it had given up for the year. Lords and Ladies are still green while the apples are beginning to colour up.

18th - Nice yellow colour on the mound - no idea how this arrived! The Hostas are still flowering nicely. Delicate pink Foxgloves.

18th - Methinks a wade into the pond to remove some water soldiers is on the cards - they are certainly prolific! Lily showing well.

20th - First time these lilies have flowered in the pond - a legacy of my Barningham book. The Globe Thistles are still small but plentiful in number.

21st - Nice to see the lavender finally start to colour up. Getting closer to the lily. The yellow rattle has stopped rattling - where will I find it next year? The Teasel is still standing, now bent over but still more than 6 foot high! A potential good crop of apples - if these winds do not remove them first!

21st - Amazing how these can fly with chunks missing from their wings! More lavender colour.

21st - Some new blossom on the an apple tree - complete with fly! Good to see so many insects enjoy the bounty - even if one of them is on the rhubarb! Shield bugs on the Teasel?

21st - Ground level view of pond and lilies.

24th - Taking the sun and basking on the mound following an abortive attempt at lunch on the feeders! Spent a good five minutes "relaxing".

24th - The Teasel is beginning to colour up nicely - just need some butterflies to be able to get to it as well as the insects. The Purple Loosestrife is flowering nicely while Strawberry Hill is blooming well - until the next wind and rain.

27th - What did I say about wind and rain? Ventured out far enough to show how wet and horrible it has been!

28th - The Rowan berries are nicely coloured and some have already been taken by the blackbirds. The Globe Thistle is looking good if still very small in size. The fern has been enjoying the damp while the lavender is getting there. Dublin Bay is putting on a great show - even if I need a ladder to dead-head it!

30th - Up close and personal with a Broad Leaved Heliborine - such delicate blooms.

30th - Teasel & Loosestrife.

30th - Enjoying the buddliea and Lavender.

30th - Who gets to enjoy these first? Birds, bugs or me?

31st - Standing on top of the flower. Lords and Ladies colouring up nicely.