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May 2020

Wood pigeon sunbathing on path

2nd - One very relaxed wood pigeon taking the sun - quite happy to let me within a couple of meters without moving - just the evil eye....

2nd - Two sets of bluebells at opposite corners of the garden. One is a more ornamental version that continues to grow some 20 years since planted despite my husbandry!

2nd - The new addition of Bugle is coming along well - hopefully the insects will be out to enjoy it soon!

2nd - Such a delicate wee flower compared to the robustness of the "Lords & Ladies" found hiding where the hedge used to be. May have to do some "gardening" to be able to get a good photo of it!

3rd - Blue Tit and Dunnock hanging around the garden.

4th - The Tawny Owl, nesting in next door's chimney, spends a lot of time in the tree nearby and, just occasionally, allows you to see him!

4th - The Lords & Ladies are forming a good "clump" while the teasel is growing with vigour - I like the way nature allows them to catch the rain water. The hostas are having a growth spurt and the aquilegia should bloom soon. Rosemary is flowering nicely (more than can be said for the lavender which I seem to have killed!) The wood chippings are providing some fungi - but not for dinner. Some of the foxgloves are looking good.

4th - Northern Marsh Orchids seem to be doing well - one from  a couple of years ago and some new neighbourly "gifts".

4th - This Clematis has a long history originating from a cutting given to my parents in 1972 - said plant has been in a couple of locations around the garden. It was "saved" when a new garage was constructed. It gives a much better display to next door than I actually see!!

5th - Starling showing its beautiful colours as it came out of the nest under the tiles and demonstrating its ability to balance on a tree. Despite the cool weather this morning, saw my first Swift of the year over the garden.

6th - Finally managed to see an Orange Tip at rest - they are so flighty!

6th - A slighlty better shot of a swift - it is lovely to see them racing around the sky.  The Tawny Owl was content to sit quietly and let all the other birds scream at it - not bothered!

7th - The Yellow Rattle is coming along nicely while the fritillaries are developing seed heads - hopefully to multiply for next year! The Green-veined White butterfly is enjoying the apple blossom.

7th - Yet another "Super" moon - always a source of fascination!

8th - Blackbird keeping up appearances.

9th - The Bugle is starting to flower - looking very delicate. The aquilegia is showing nicely.

9th - Butterfly still enjoying the apple blossom while a Tawny Owl chick has fledged and was sitting in the Willow under the careful supervision of an adult! Not sure how many chicks were in the chimney next door. And yet another Swift...

10th - Finally got around to making and erecting a wee picket fence around the fish pond - in an attempt to keep the heron from walking in to a buffet....

10th - Thrush was singing nicely on the fir tree so first shot through the double glazing - as soon as door opened - off to the branches for a second shot......

11th - First signs of the Broad Leaved Heliborines above ground this year - will watch to see if any others appear. The Lords and Ladies don't look too happy while the Hostas get bigger every day. The Wood Pigeon is still bringing nest materials in - I wish they would hurry up as that cotoneaster badly needs a trim!

16th - Delighted to see many of the plants growing nicely despite my best efforts....

17th - Hostas are doing well.

17th - Who will get the strawberries first - blackbirds? Aquilegia and bugle showing nicely.

17th - Jacob's Ladder and geranium also looking good.

17th - The "old" clematis is showing nicely up in the branches of it's "support" tree while Mary Rose is thinking about blooming.

17th - The yellow rattle grows apace while the L&L are not looking that happy.....  Hawthorn is lovely in bloom and who doesn't like buttercups?

20th - Pleased to say that the heron (or Tawny Owl) did not get all the newts - there are still plenty in the pond.  A small fly on the side of a stone (not one on the moon)

20th - Another aquilegia and Jacob's Ladder while northern marsh orchid is starting to bloom.  The blackbird is enjoying the sun before thinking about going for the strawberries....

24th - The high winds over the last couple of days have not helped some of the plants...

24th - Bugle and Jacob's Ladder - new additions this year - are doing very nicely - thank you!

24th - The aquilegia is showing both colours again this year while the poppies survived the wind and are forming nicely. The "older" of the northern marsh orchid flowering.  Something is enjoying one of the hostas.

24th - Dublin Bay is my first open rose of the year - lovely!

24th - This fuschia can't decide whether to give up or not and it was supposed to be hardy.... Lovely pink blossom on the self-seeded hawthorn.

24th - Finally a view of the pond and "mound" in decent light - complete with blackbird....

24th - Black-headed Gull and jackdaw flying around the garden this evening when the wind died down a little. Song Thrush looking for dinner while the dunnock bathes and smartens up.

24th - Some of the swifts flying around.  The first one has mouth open to catch another insect while the "moustache" in the second looks awkward to fly with!

25th - All seems to be happening! The snakeshead fritillaries' seed heads are getting there - here's hoping they take in due course...  Lovely colours of the growing holly while the broad leaved heliborines continue to flourish in the shade.  Yellow rattle now yellow.  Poppies are thinking of flowering while the orchid is looking good.

25th - Down by the pond the insects are enjoying themselves.... Lot's of newts but all are camera shy at the moment....

27th - Thrush finds snail, blackbird tries to rob it, thrush grabs it back and departs!

27th - Bath time with Robin making sure the back is clean.....

27th - Nice to see House Sparrow; LTT refusing to pose and a more obliging Dunnock. 

27th - More Swifts - I do enjoy the challenge of trying to follow them around! Pleased to say that I saw one go back under the eaves so looks like they will nest again this year!

28th - Some aquilegia looking resplendant along with the geraniums (which were new this year). Blackbird keeping up appearances!

29th - Early morning view of first poppy to appear. There may be some apples..... Mary Rose and Dublin Bay are blooming (nice). Buttercups - who needs a manicured garden...? The "old" clematis high in the tree.

29th - Starlings under the eaves are about to be fed!

30th - Broad-bodied Chaser (male) amused me in the garden for quite some time. A hen blackbird tried to catch it but (fortunately) missed so I could get some more photos...

30th - Large Red Damselfly also appeared - one was here yesterday but refused to pose for me!

30th - What a lovely yellow on the aquilegia and less delicate on the yellow rattle. Mary Rose is being prolific while I do like the climbing clematis!

31st - Foxgloves starting to open and the northern marsh orchid is still looking good.