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March 2020

Full worm moon

The Worm Moon appeared bright and relatively close on the 10th and is so called as it heralds when the ground softens - usually with rain - and the worms can come to the surface. We had so much rain during the previous month that you could not walk on the grass without going ankle deep! Fortunately it did drain away relatively quickly. So much so, I even gave the grass it's first cut of the year.

Pair of jackdaws in tree

The jackdaws always look smart and are busy pairing up and collecting nesting materials. I am hopeful that the mesh placed around the solar panels will deter them from nesting underneath them as they tried to do last year!

Buds on an apple tree

Licehs growing on old apple tree

The apple trees are starting to bud - how long before the bullfinches arrive to gorge themselves? The lichens on the older (estimated at least 40 years) trees are always a joy to behold and speak well for the local air quality.

Close up of insect on heather Close up of insect on heather Peacok butterfly Bedraggled tortoiseshell butterfly

A couple of good sunny days generated a little bit of warmth and brought the insects (along with my camera and I) out to enjoy the fine weather.  This tortiseshell looks very bedraggled and could well have over wintered.

Mating frogs Frog and frog spawn Matign frogs

Having been concerned that the pond had been deserted by the frogs it was a great pleasure to hear them croaking during the hot weather.  At one stage I managed to count up to 20 frogs in the pond - not as easy as it sounds when they are very active! Am pleased to see several patches of frog spawn so hopefully a few of the frogs will mature in due course.

Preening Dunnock Resting woodpigeon in tree Heron standing on tree top

Some of the local birds seemed to enjoy warmth - the dunnock was one of a pair sitting on a low stone wall and was busy preening. The woodpigeon was resting following a vigorous courtship ritual - must be getting old!

As for the heron, I spotted it flying in and ran through to the living room and managed to get this shot (ignore the dirty windows!) before it flew away. I rather hope it stays away and does not regards my frogs as a buffet! The pond now has a very unattractive "trip wire" around it to try and discourage any more visits....time will tell.

Water boatman out of the water

This water boatman seemed quite happy out of the pond and was wandering along the stones at the edge of same - he stayed put for several minutes before deciding I was not a menu item!

Daffodils in bloom Primroses in flower Poppy  growing Jacobs ladder plant Dublin Bay climbing rose Flowering heather Bare willow branches against blue sky

It is great to see the plants and trees starting to appear again after the "winter". I always enjoy the contrast of the light coloured willow braches against a blue sky. The climbing rose "Dublin Bay" is thriving and I have had to put more supports on the wall for it.